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Hello 2017! A new year has arrived and brings a fresh clean page for us all to write our story and share with others. One of my new goals is to write a monthly blog on all things floral, with this being the first. I invite you to join me on this journey as I share with you the inside world of a Floral Designer.

After recently closing the chapter of 10 years in warehouse retail, I can now fully turn my attention to my passion of  my  floral design business, Pick of the Bunch. My modus operandi is working from my home based studio, where my  focus  on personal customer service and quality work is a high priority.

So what exactly is floral design? When I create any floral work, it must draw the viewer’s attention and be pleasing to the eye. this doesn’t just happen randomly. I achieve this by applying the elements and principles of floral design, so the end result will look like an artistic, creative arrangement or bouquet that fits together beautifully, and brings a smile to people’s faces.

The elements of design include line, form, space, texture and colour. These elements form the basic framework of an arrangement, and together with the 7 principles of floral design, create a beautiful artistic floral gift for my customers  and recipients to enjoy.

The 7 principles include proportion, scale, harmony, unity, rhythm, balance, and emphasis (or focal point). Proportion refers to the size relationship between the elements used, eg. flowers, foliage, container. Everything should work together, including the height of the flowers in relation to the base. A table arrangement should be in scale with the table and the size of the room. Harmony and unity is important in any floral work, as the combined elements must marry together and look as if they belong with each other. The design must look complete as one creative piece. The rhythm of an arrangement highlights the illusion of movement within the arrangement, as you would see in a circular, swirling bouquet, or a flowing cascading bouquet. Balance consists of 3 types; symmetrical, asymmetrical, and open. A symmetrical bouquet will have an equal quantity of flowers both sides. An asymmetrical bouquet has one side unequal, a more modern style sometimes used in fuller, cascading wedding bouquets. An open balance is seen in circular posy bouquets. The most important thing is that any bouquet  or  arrangement  should  look  balanced  from  a  design

point  of  view.  Finally,  emphasisor the focal point of  an arrangement, draws the eye in to an element that stands out, either in colour, texture or size. It might be a bold central flower, or a grouping of berries or foliage off centre.

Having said all that, floral design is an art form, and sometimes I am tempted to stretch the boundaries a little. It’s  commonly known as creative licence. I’m sure all the arty readers out there will get where I’m coming from.

Another important aspect of my work is gaining a thorough understanding of the recipient’s circumstances, and creating a work that speaks to their specific occasion. So when I make a sympathy arrangement, I design all elements to express a reflection of the sender’s empathy for the loss suffered. I ask the customer ordering, specific questions that will help me choose the right flowers and design. My goal is to create and design a floral art work that has meaning, and stirs emotion for the person receiving the gift. It not only needs to look beautiful, but it needs to be an appropriate floral design that connects emotionally with the recipient.

That leads me to my next point! For all my male readers, this is for you!!! A very important date is approaching!!Valentine‚Äôs Day is February 14, traditionally the day when single men (or married) show their love and affection for the special lady by sending flowers. It’s often red roses chosen, but I also encourage the choice of other in season flowers that are often more long lasting in the unforgiving heat of February. Blooms such as sims (carnations), chrysanthemum disbuds, oriental lily, altroemeria, gerberas, mixed roses, natives, tropical and berries are all wonderful choices that will make a beautiful bouquet for the lady in your life.

can help you take care of a Valentine’s gift, and make it easy for you, from ordering right through to delivery.

By placing an early order you have the peace of mind in knowing you won’t need to rush around at the last minute, as demand is always   high.   You    can    view    samples    of    my    work on and call me on 0401 317 011 to place your order now

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